Raider heißt jetzt Twix

Warum sich das damals geändert hat, weiß ich nicht.
Irgendwie nachvollziehbarer ist dagegen folgende Namens und Logoänderung:
Blackwater Xe

In 2007, Blackwater Worldwide, the world’s largest private security company, made the wrong kind of headlines when Blackwater contractors allegedly shot and killed 17 Iraqis in a crowded square in Baghdad. This resulted in protests, congressional inquiries and the Iraqi government refusing to allow the organization to operate in the country. And now, in an effort to improve public perception, Blackwater has changed its name to Xe (pronounced ZEE).

Organizations that change their name usually do so to “better define” what they do, or to “clarify” a shift in services, and this is often in tandem with a repositioning of services or a shift in core competencies. Anne Tyrrell, a spokeswoman for Blackwater, explained that the company was changing its name because “the idea is to define the company as what it is today and not what it used to be.”

Ob das neue Makeup reicht? Ich befürchte fast schon.
Quelle: Brand New