Vorletztes Mal Basterds

Ich verspreche hoch und heilig, dies wird mein vorletzter Post zu Inglourious Basterds. Der letzte folgt wahrscheinlich am Sonntag, wenn ich den Film endlich gesehen habe.

Und jetzt zum Post selbst:
/film hat ein interessantes Interview mit Eli Roth, der den Bear Jew spielt. Außerdem drehte er den Film-im-Film Stolz der Nation und diente beim Dreh Tarantino als Berater für jüdische Geschichte.

And I said to Quentin, I said that you have to realize that all this really started with Martin Luther, with his paper, “The Jews and Their Lies,” which was published in 1542. Luther said burn their synagogues, the Jews are agents of the devil, everything out of their mouths is a lie. I mean, this was taught in churches for over 400 hundred years. So, finally when Hitler was legally elected, he just applied science to it.

People were more than ready to go along with it. This was people all over Europe, millions of people, who turned on and turned over the Jews. This wasn’t just Hitler and a couple of bad guys: it was 60 million people. So, I said to Quentin [pause], “They had to be stopped. They had to be killed.” And these people, these so-called normal people, doctors, lawyers, school teachers, they were taking children and burning them alive and shooting them in the head and putting them in ovens. And turning their bodies into furniture. And then they’d go make drinks right next to the firing range. It’s inconceivable. And it was so-called normal people.