Der Soundtrack zum nächsten 1000-Kreuze-Marsch

White crosses on the church lawn, I want to smash them all.
I want to smash them all.

Und noch ein paar Ergänzungen dazu aus einem Against Me! Forum:

It is a pro-choice song, because the white crosses at that church in St. Augustine are supposed to represent the „lives“ killed by abortion. A „pro-government tyranny“ (errr…. pro-life) group set up a similar thing here in Atlanta at Georgia Tech. It pissed me off then, so I can relate to the song.

this song is fucking awesome. abortion is illegal in ireland so pre teen rape victims have to hop on a plane in order to get it done, its fucked up. the only people in politics i‘m aware of here thats pro choice are the communists. Irish politics ftw

Bei Chartattack gibt es einen (englischsprachigen) Artikel mit ein paar konkreten Infos zum Hintergrund des Songs.